WSK Champions Cup - Act 1 Done

press release 2 February 2015

The winners of the first leg of the 2015 WSK Champions Cup at La Conca are Richard Verschoor (NL – Exprit-Vortex) in KF, Christian Lundgaard (DK - Tony Kart-Vortex) in KFJ and Luigi Coluccio (I - Lenzo Kart-LKE) in 60 Mini. The second and final event will be this Sunday, 8th February.

WSK Champions Cup act 1: heading towards the finish line

Short, tense as if drivers were taking part in a single round race instead of a two round race. The first act of the WSK Champions Cup finished today at the International Circuit La Conca, but teams and drivers are already looking forward to the second and decisive appointment scheduled for next weekend. Intense races, uncertain until the very last inch before the chequered flag, with changeable weather condition throughout the whole weekend: these were the ingredients of this thrilling race promoted by WSK Promotion.

Above: KF podium
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Verschoor beats even the rain in KF

The KF began with the astonishing start of the Danish Nicklas Nielsen (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega). He took advantage of the pole position conquered after his victory in the Prefinal and gained the lead ahead of the Dutch Richard Verschoor (Expit-Vortex-Vega) and the Polish Karol Basz (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega). But after few laps, the heavy rain obliged the Race Director to stop the race in order to allow drivers to change the tyres for a wet race. At the restart, on rain tyres, Nielsen did not manage to start his kart while Basz had to pull over after a lap.

So, Verschoor took the lead and kept it until the end. He showed great skill on the wet track, skill which allowed him to win an important race in KF in the year of his debut. Egor Stupenkov (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), after a great recovery from the sixth row of the starting grid, conquered the second position with two laps to go. The third position was scored on the final lap by Casper Roes Andersen (FA Alonso-Vortex-Vega). However, after the race the Danish driver was hit by a penalty for irregular start. His disqualification brought the Swedish Emil Skaras (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) to the third position.

Lundgaard wins a heated race in KF Junior

After his excellent performance on the previous days, Christian Lundgaard (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) confirmed to be in peak form and won the Prefinal A and the Final of the KF Junior category. The Danish took the lead after few laps and kept the head of the race until the finishing line. He won arriving 7 seconds ahead of the runner-up, thanks to his excellent and spectacular driving - his countersteering along the bends of the circuit was impressive - , more similar to the kind of driving we see in rallies rather than in kart racing.

Second place for the Brazilian Felipe Drugovich (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega), who did not have any troubles in controlling the battle for the third place which was going on behind him. That battle was eventually won by the American Logan Sargeant (FA Alonso-Vortex-Vega), who scored the last podium position on the last lap, beating into fourth the Indian Kush Maini (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), one of the rookies of the KFJ. The Indian driver celebrated his debut in the category with an excellent fourth place, after a weekend spent always fighting for the top positions.

Above: The KF Junior podium
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Luigi Coluccio wins the 60 Mini on his home circuit

A victory in front of your own public has always a particular taste. Luigi Coluccio (Lenzo Kart-LKE-Vega) from Maglie (Lecce, Italy) proved the rule: he won the Final of the WSK Champions Cup in Muro Leccese, few miles away from his hometown. Coluccio began his final phase in the best way possible: he won the Prefinal gaining an early lead starting from the second row. Then, after a gripping duel with Giuseppe Fusco (Lenzo-LKE-Vega), Coluccio won the Final too, with Fusco second. Also the fight for the third place was uncertain until the end. Eventually, the Norwegian Dennis Hauger (CRG-LKE-Vega) scored the last podium position ahead of the Italian Mattia Michelotto (Top Kart-Parilla-Vega) and Leonardo Marseglia (CRG-LKE-Vega).

Above: Podium for 60Mini
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The decisive race next weekend always at La Conca.

The second and last round of the WSK Champions Cup will take place this weekend, always in Muro Leccese. Qualifying is scheduled on Friday 6th February; then, on Saturday 7th, the heats. On Sunday 8th February, the final phase - available live in streaming on the official website - which will end the first event of the 2015 WSK season.


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