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KartSportNews is the leading source of online competition kart racing news in Australia. Started in 2004, it now has a daily readership comprising thousands of competitors, officials, fans and the karting industry.

New content is published most days. We also have an active presence on social media.

KartSportNews publishes news and events:

  • from ALL levels of the sport – club, regional, state, national and international competition
  • for ALL types of karting – sprint, enduro, speedway, superkart, asphalt, dirt, 2 and 4 stroke
  • from ALL the governing bodies operating in this country

With various Banner and Directory advertising options, the site is the perfect place for karting industry, clubs and the like to reach the karters of Australia.

  • Banner adverts - various positions in the site Header, Home page and News pages
  • SidePanel adverts - the randomly distributed ads down the side of virtually every page
  • Directory Listings - for karting products, kart shops etc, indexed by category

For options, specifications and costs, please make contact.

"More people visit KartSportNews in two days than what the leading karting magazine I worked for ever sold copies during an entire month" - Mark Wicks, owner, KartSportNews



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