Results: Rotax Pro Tour Round 5

The final Rotax Pro Tour (and Vic State Championship) results from Albury Wodonga Kart Club today:

Smiles all round for CC Racing’s trophy winners (pic – Coopers Photography)

Rotax Heavy:
1. Paul Rodgers
2. Christopher Board
3. Trent Harrison

Micro Max:
1. Peter Bouzinelos
2. Jenson Burns
3. James Anagnostiadis

1. Damian Ward
2. Ryan Kennedy
3. Nathan Tigani

Junior Max:
1. Jaiden Pope
2. James Wharton
3. Jackson Rooney

DD2 Masters:
1. Kris Walton
2. Danny Wright
3. Scott Howard

Mini Max:
1. Costa Toparis
2. Sebastian Manson
3. Coby Govoni

Rotax Light:
1. Ben Jurczak
2. Cody Bewczynski
3. Joshua Hart


  • full results on speedhive HERE


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